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In 2018, VidaDance premiered its first full-length production in collaboration with Kansas City Aerial Arts called RISE, and the show is about human trafficking. RISE is designed to bring awareness to this very real and massive social issue, to foster further conversations and research, and to empower audience members to make a difference by volunteering, donating, and being involved in the modern-day abolition movement. We were excited to present RISE for the first time at the KC Fringe Festival in July 2018. 

RISE follows a young woman’s journey through darkness as she becomes entangled in the world of human trafficking. Dance and aerial art are combined in a spellbinding depiction of a secret, vile world, and what it will take to overcome it. RISE is based on true stories and events as shared during collaboration with Kansas City anti-trafficking organizations.

*Please note: this show is not recommended for younger viewers and contains adult situations and simulated violence. Audience members are advised that the show may contain triggers for some.

For more information on booking RISE to perform at your venue or event, please contact us. 

RISE trailer

Produced by Alchemy