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ACTALYST is a non-profit organization created to communicate and affect change through the arts. In addition to dramatically and artistically demonstrating a problem or social issue, artists and productions associated with ACTALYST aim to provide hope, offer or inspire a solution, and encourage action. Keeping with VidaDance's core mission, making dance accessible to everyone, each piece that VidaDance produces with ACTALYST will have detailed program notes explaining nuances of the dance movements, wardrobe, symbolism, and other aspects of the pieces to help make them easier to understand and be appreciated by any audience.

In 2018, VidaDance premiered its first full-length production in collaboration with ACTALYST called RISE, and the show is about human trafficking. RISE is designed to bring awareness to this very real and massive social issue, to foster further conversations and research, and to empower audience members to make a difference by volunteering, donating, and being involved in the modern-day abolition movement. We were excited to present RISE for the first time at the KC Fringe Festival in July 2018.

Learn more about RISE here. 

For collaboration opportunities, or for information on having ACTALYST and/or VidaDance work for your cause, please follow the link below.